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Taft Style Blog

Reviewing the Jack Boot - 28,000 Steps of Wear and Tear

image of jack boots

image of jack boots with text "checking in after 28k steps"
Hey guys! We get a lot of questions ...


image of four boots: rome brown, troy black, viking midnight, dragon rust

The age-old question. As you may have guessed - Team Taft is a fan of BOTH. We do our best to offer a killer selection of unique textiles and colorways but these classic tones never get old. Our shoes are made to stand out and bring in the compliments, reg...

Review of The Edens: A Guest Post by Deveja Webb

photo of male model on stairs outside wearing an orange tee shirt with bright blue slacks and the russel loafers in eden

Hi TAFT Family, I'm Deveja Webb a Dallas based fashion influencer & photographer.  As a fashion advocate, I’m always looking for items that evoke emotion for anyone that encounters them.

male model outside on stairs wearing an orange tee shirt with bright blue pants and the russel loafers in eden

5 Ways to Style the Black Pony Sneaker

photo of white shirt and green shorts, red Hawaiian themed shirt, grey and white stripe pants and the sneaker in pony

I’m David Komisarchik (aka @threadability) and if you’ve seen my Instagram feed, you know that Taft is a staple in my wardrobe. That’s not just because they make up the majority of my shoe collection (which they do), it’s because the...

Stylish & Affordable Suits - Taft Recommends

4 images of male models in various tuxedos throughout the article

Last month, a few of our Taft Team members got all dressed up to attend a black tie gala. Our founder, Kory Stevens, was named Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year here in Utah and it was an exciting night for the whole Taft crew! Leading up to the event, we put in some good time scouting out all the best places to shop for formal attire. We found some...

Bold Pants We Love

model in blue plaid suit outside wearing the rome shoe in brown

Bold shoes deserve a bold pair of pants to go with them. Anytime we post a photo with a unique pair of trousers, we get countless questions about where they’re from. So! Just for you, we put together a list of our favorite unique, printed pants. If you’re in the market for a pair of pants that look custom made, but without the custom price tag - loo...

Tattooing Taft: a Guest Post by Matt Adamson

dragon boots in london fog with floral patten etched into the leather

My name is MattAdamson. I am a tattoo artist from a small town in the North East of England currently working at Kings Avenue Tattoo in New York City.

Brock Berrigan: The Man Behind Our Music

photo of musician brock berrigan wearing a rooster mask

We’re asked pretty frequently where we get the unique music we use in our product videos. The answer is the incredible Brock Berrigan. We sat down for an interview to introduce you to the chicken mask wearing man behind the music. We hope you like th...

10 Tips to Keep Your Shoes Looking Fresh

Taft founder + CEO demonstrating how to care for your shoes




We get dozens of emails a day and many of them revolve around shoe do I clean my shoes? How do ...