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Article: Blake vs. Goodyear vs. Stitchdown

Blake vs. Goodyear vs. Stitchdown

Blake vs. Goodyear vs. Stitchdown

Looking to compare the differences in the quality craftsmanship and materials used in each and every pair of our TAFT boots and shoes? You've come to the right place! Below, we break down a comparison of the materials and construction in each of our popular styles of boots and shoes.

A Solid Foundation

If you're at all familiar with our TAFT shoes, then you're likely already familiar with our Blake & Goodyear styles – the foundation of the comfortable, long-wearing, and high-quality construction found in each of our boots and shoes collections.

With the introduction of our Stitchdown line, it's time we broke down a comparison. Starting with –

What is Stitchdown?

Stitchdown construction is a traditional technique that's been used for centuries, demanding a high level of skill and attention-to-detail to execute properly.

To begin, a cobbler first carefully measures and cuts the leather, manipulating the needle and thread in a precise way in a series of stitches run along the edge of the boot. The top part of the boot (the "upper") is constructed with an additional overhang of material , allowing for the leather upper to be skillfully "stitched down" into the outsole. This process creates a natural weather and water resistance by guiding rain and snow away from the feet.

Ultimately, the end-product is a tough, durable, long-lasting, and frankly, beautiful piece of footwear that's made more unique the more you wear them.

So, what are the differences between the three styles?


The Jack in Grey/Oxblood, Blake Stitched Construction (resoleable)

 Pictured: The Jack in Grey/Oxblood

  • Our baseline in quality construction
  • Flexible sole; less break-in period
  • Lightweight build
  • Sleek and stylish silhouette
  • Low water resistance
  • Resoleable


The Viking Boots in Black Floral, features a Goodyear Vibram commando sole and Spanish calfskin leather

Pictured: The Viking Boot in Black Floral


  • Solid foundation with high-quality construction
  • Dense cork-filled midsole that conforms to your foot over time
  • Mid-weight, more substantial build
  • Durable silhouette with heft (think: combat boots)
  • Highly water resistant
  • Resoleable


    Styles: Legion Boot, Legacy Boot


    Stitchdown Legion Boot in Nutmeg

    Pictured: The Legion Boot in Nutmeg


  • Our most rugged, high-quality, hard-wearing construction
  • Thick leather midsole that takes time to break in and conform to one's foot
  • Our heaviest, most substantial build
  • Tough, rugged silhouette that looks better with wear
  • Most water resistance
  • Resoleable


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