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The Taft Blog

A Review of The Jude Boot

The following is a guest post from Brett Poschmann of The Poshman Blog. Brett was not paid to endorse any Taft product and the views expressed in this post are solely his. 

Tan suede chelsea boots

The first product I ever received from Taft was a pair of their no-show socks. This was about a year ago and they have become my go-to no-show sock during the warmer months. The sticky inserts in the heel make sure that they won't fall off the back of your heel (the biggest problem when wearing no-shows). So when I heard that Taft was creating a shoe line I was naturally excited. 

Tan suede chelsea boots

Ever since Taft released the new shoe line I have been dying to get my hands on a pair. The boots and shoes are really affordable because they cut out the middle man. No distributor, no big box mark ups mean that they can keep the pricing affordable. I picked the Jude boot because I haven't really seen anything else like it. I've been wanting suede Chelsea boots forever and these tick all the boxes. The contrasting elastic looks great against the beige suede, 100% would pick them again. 

My biggest apprehension was the colour. Now I'm not a messy guy but I have been known to spill a coffee here and there. Sooooo, I made sure that before I took my Judes out on the town that I protected them. I use Jason Markk to protect my shoes and it works pretty well. Just cover it in a coat, let it dry and repeat 2 more times to create a good barrier around the boot or shoe. With suede or any light-coloured shoes it is very important to protect them if you want them to last. 

Tan suede chelsea boots

The first time I slipped these bad boys on they were a little snug on my fairly wide feet. After walking in them for about 15 minutes the buttery suede had molded to my feet and the boots felt like I'd owned them for years. I decided to pair them with some light denim and my windowpane double-breasted jacket to create a slick look. You could easily pair these with dark denim or just about anything else in your wardrobe, they are very versatile. 

Tan suede chelsea boots


Tan suede chelsea boots

Hope you guys like this post, let me know in the comments section if you have any Taft products yourself and what you think!


You can read more about Brett and his style on his blog at and on his Instagram account @theposhman.