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We've always done things in our own way.

We're not stopping. Coming soon, the TAFT NFT. An NFT that not only combines art but a groundbreaking utility and hugely valuable benefits to the owner.

Questions and Answers

Why is TAFT making an NFT?

When TAFT started, we wanted to make something that was unique and different from any other shoe you could find. Our design philosophy has always been to make products that you can’t find anywhere else. Our shoes stand out and we hope that the way we run this business stands out as well…always trying to push the boundaries and being pioneers in the footwear space. As we have learned more and more about NFTs, we found that the technology could be leveraged by brands to do things that we never could before. We aren’t talking about making some expensive JPEG of our shoes that you can use as a profile picture - we are talking about creative, one-of-a-kind products and a utility package that we could never release without this. We’ve always done things in our own way, and we found the opportunity to launch a branded TAFT NFT that not only combines art but a massive utility and benefit to our TAFT Fam.

What is an NFT?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique tokens representing ownership of a digital asset. These tokens exist on a blockchain, and ownership and transactions are verified using the blockchain.

How long does the NFT last?

Your actual NFT is yours to keep forever. However, some of the utilities for the NFT will require you to claim them during a limited redemption period. In addition, should you choose to sell your NFT, the new owner will inherit all future utility and benefits.

Do I have to use crypto to buy this?

No, TAFT has partnered with Remi Labs to enable you to purchase this NFT using a credit card. However, the TAFT NFT will live on the Solana blockchain, so you will also be able to complete your purchase with SOL.

Click here for more information on purchasing SOL on coinbase.

How do i convert my crypto?

If you already have cryptocurrencies like ETH or BTC, you can convert them to SOL using a centralized exchange like Coinbase. 

What is a wallet?

Unlike a regular wallet where you hold actual cash, crypto wallets don't store your crypto coins and tokens. All crypto assets live on the blockchain but can only be controlled using private keys. Your crypto wallet will allow you to approve transactions related to your assets. Since your private keys are necessary to interact with your assets, losing your private key means losing access to your crypto or NFTs. On the other hand, anyone with access to your private keys will also be able to control your assets.

What wallet do I need and how do i get a wallet?

The TAFT NFT will be on the Solana blockchain. We recommend, which has both a desktop browser extension and a mobile app.

Click here for a guide to setting up your wallet.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a system for recording information with a public, distributed ledger. It provides secure transactions by ensuring that records can not be altered or reordered. Blockchain can facilitate a transaction between two individuals without involving a trusted 3rd party.

Can I sell my NFT?

Yes, the TAFT NFT will be listed for secondary sales/trading on OpenSea. OpenSea is the world's first and largest NFT marketplace, and they recently launched an integration with Solana NFTs.

Are there any environmental impacts?

Crypto is infamous for the high energy usage required to keep the blockchain running. However, blockchains like Solana use Proof of Stake, which is optimized to use significantly less energy than Proof of Work blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, a transaction on the Solana blockchain uses less energy than two google searches.

What happens after I purchase the TAFT NFT and how do I redeem my utility and benefits?

If you mint your NFT with crypto, your NFT will be immediately deposited into the wallet you use for mint. If you mint your NFT with a credit card, you will receive an email with instructions to claim your NFT.

When utility and benefits are activated following the mint, you must connect your wallet to our store as proof of ownership to claim the benefits.

How many NFTs will TAFT release?

We’ll be announcing the total mint later in May.

How much is the NFT and can I only buy part of it?

The NFT is $300 payable in USD or SOL. You cannot buy just the product or the artwork; the NFT is a package.

What about the Sneaker? Can I choose it?

The most exciting part of the NFT! Simply put, it's a randomized lottery. At mint, you will be assigned your NFT with certain attributes varying in rarity. Whatever you receive at mint is what you will receive on your sneaker.

How do I redeem by sneaker and owner benefits?

Following the NFT sale, we will announce a claim window for the physical pair of TAFT sneakers. During this time, owners of the TAFT NFT will be able to verify ownership and redeem the sneakers associated with their NFT.


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