Dear TAFT Family,

When we started TAFT in 2014, we had a clear vision of what we wanted our brand to be. We wanted to offer products that you could not find anywhere else. We wanted to provide the best quality, the best service, and the best experience for our customers.

Just a few years later, we reached a point where we knew that in order to continue providing the best, we’d need to fundraise with the best. That decision is why we’re writing today.

We are excited to share that we’ve completed a Seed Round of $5 million dollars in funding.

We feel fortunate to have investors with experience at companies like Nike, Skullcandy, Stance, Traeger, Pluralsight, Bonobos, and Allbirds. We also have individuals like Dwyane Wade and Andre Iguodala in on the round (I’m a BIG sports fan!). These people, along with many others, have rallied behind the brand that we have created together. What makes TAFT so special isn’t the shoes we design or the photos we take or the videos we produce...what makes TAFT special is you. You catching our vision and giving us the support and freedom to create something different.

We wanted to share the news with you because being transparent is very important to us. TAFT is a people’s brand. This funding will be used for more of the same…more great products, more TAFT team members, and more ability to grow this brand together. We will continue to build and push forward in a way that ensures that TAFT never loses its home-grown, grassroots vibe.

More than anything, we want to thank you for being here. Thank you for giving us your time. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to sell a high-end product without the stifling exclusivity so many brands wear as a badge. TAFT IS THE PARTY THAT EVERYONE IS INVITED TO - we hope you always feel like you belong. Whether you have a closet full of TAFT or still pinching pennies for your first pair - we are so glad you’re here.

With Love and Gratitude,

Kory Stevens
Founder & CEO
Utah, USA


This boot quickly became our signature product. We spared no expense on this boot and the comfort and quality will show from the moment you put them on.


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