3 years ago by Shawn Stevens
The Working Conditions at our Factory in Spain

When searching for the right manufacturing partner, my top priorities were the quality of the product they produced and also the working conditions within the factory. After sampling and visiting a number of factories, I eventually found our current partner in Almansa, Spain. The shoemaking quality is top notch (literally....they make shoes for some VERY expensive and well-known brands) and the working conditions are very, very good. I want to share some of my observations and some of the details about life in the factory. These things are very important to me and hopefully very important to you too. 

Our factory is located in Almansa, Spain

Our factory has been family-owned and operated for many, many years. The owners are on the factory floor every day and very involved in the daily operations. Everyone knows all the names of the other workers. They joke, they laugh, they drink coffee together, and they listen to American pop music together. The factory is a very happy, productive place with good lighting, comfortable temperatures, and great equipment to produce the best shoes. I have personally spent many, many hours studying shoemaking and learning about our shoes and have never felt uncomfortable. In the summer time, there is air conditioning. In the winter time, there is heating. The people are happy and enjoy what they do...and it shows in the shoes we produce. 

 Daily Schedule at the Factory 

7:00am - Begin work
9:15am - Snack break (coffee, toast, sandwich, laughs)
9:30am - Resume work
2:00pm - Siesta (Head home, lunch and nap)
4:00pm - Return to work
7:00pm - Done for the day

We produce top quality shoes and offer them at the lowest price possible. Our labor and materials are very expensive, but these are some of the best shoemakers in Europe (and the world) and we are lucky to work with them. I have found that there are two types of factories in the world - those that have "workers" and those that have "artists." I am grateful to have a manufacturing partner that is fully of craftsmen doing what they loves .... it truly results in a better product. 



Try: "jack boot", leather, size 9, suede...