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Brock Berrigan: The Man Behind Our Music

We’re asked pretty frequently where we get the unique music we use in our product videos. The answer is the incredible Brock Berrigan. We sat down for an interview to introduce you to the chicken mask wearing man behind the music. We hope you like this behind the scenes look into our work here at TAFT.


Why do you wear the chicken mask? Has anyone ever seen you?

My friend had a Halloween party and I fell asleep on his couch. The next morning we woke up and the chicken mask was on the floor. We went out for a smoke, I put on the mask and we took that picture. I made a Sound Cloud account which needed a picture and that's where Brock Berrigan began.


How did you meet or get introduced to Taft? How did that go down? 

My younger brother's friend, Adam, had four or five pairs of your shoes and of course followed you. He heard some early music you used and told you guys (TAFT) that "You should check out my friends stuff". Apparently you looked it up, loved it, and reached out. I saw the shoes and was like, "Yup of course, I'd love to be a part of this brand."


What’s your process when making a new beat? 

I listen to music pretty much all day. Like 5 days a week and try to just get inspired. It's sample heavy so I use a lot of old stuff. When I have a few ideas I crack a few beers open, smoke a little bit. I get in the zone. I start and the next thing you know it's 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning and the songs are done. I just blackout when I make the music. I just enter the music.


What inspires your music? 

I grew up listening to all types of music. Like my parents used to listen to Celine Dion and Opera stuff so I grew up on that and then I got into punk rock music, then I got into metal, then I got into jazz—I just explored all styles of music and I feel like hip-hop brings it all together. So some of my drums are like heavy, heavy drums especially knowing that I'm a metal head you know where my drums come from. Then I just just travel. I usually come to Utah and hike for like 3 - 4 weeks staying in shitty motels. I hike around in deserts sometimes risking my life! I've almost died like three times now. And then I just make music till sunrise.

What has working with Taft been like for you? 

It's been great, simple, good people, FANTASTIC shoes. I feel classy as shit every time I wear these things. Every time I wear these shoes I get like 15 - 20 people saying "Whoa, Wow!" And like I got a few ladies with these shoes so uhh thank you, thank you. That was a nice little help.


Which is your favorite shoe? Which shoes do you have? What do you think of them? 

I absolutely LOVE the Beck in Burnt honey.. and also the Luccas... FANCY. When I'm walking down Wall Street at 3 AM? That's what I'm wearing.

What are the long term plans for you as a musician? 

I'm just going to keep writing music every day and see where it takes me. The ultimate goal is to score a film. The entire music industry is changing and it's an exciting time to be a part of it. I still have the passion after 20 years of doing this, so I plan on never stopping.



several shoes laid out on white backdrop with an audio recorder



You can find out more about Brock Berrigan, including his music at:


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