7 months ago by Stephanie Jensen
5 Ways to Style the Black Pony Sneaker
Today we're excited to share a guest post from friend-of-Taft David Komisarchik. David has been a loyal supporter, customer and friend from the start and we're so excited to have him on today to share five different ways to style our Black Pony sneakers.

I’m David Komisarchik (aka @threadability) and if you’ve seen my Instagram feed, you know that Taft is a staple in my wardrobe. That’s not just because they make up the majority of my shoe collection (which they do), it’s because their unique designs take any ordinary outfit to the next level.

Taft recently released a new line of sneakers and if you're anything like me, you'll spent weeks deciding which ones you’re going to be picking up. Well, I’m here for you - and I’m breaking down 5 ways to style my favorite pair: The Sneaker in Black Pony. 

The Sneaker in Black Pony

1. Summer Casual – It’s summer and it’s hot out, which means that our outfits get reduced to shirts and shorts. It can get a little boring. I livened up this simple white linen shirt and green shorts combo with the bold pattern of the Black Ponies. Skip the worn-out flip flops and add some instant style. Switching out your shoes is so simple, but suddenly everything looks more intentional and you become the best dressed one at the BBQ. 

2. Sneakers and Denim – Name a more classic combo than a tee, a pair of jeans, and sneakers. I’ll wait. I couldn’t style these sneakers without pulling this look together. Keeping the whole outfit lighter lets the ponies really pop. We’re adding that unexpected twist again. Because your sneakers are making the statement, it looks like you spent a lot of time pulling the outfit together even if you just slipped them on right before you left. That’s the true mark of effortless style.

3. Out on the Town – You’re going out and the Black Ponies are coming with you. If you’re leaving the house with a black moto leather jacket and these sneakers, I hope you’re also leaving room for compliments. The combo is a little darker and a little edgier but packs a lot of cool style. You don’t need too many extra details to make this work. What’s the best perk? Your sneakers are probably going to be a conversation-starter and maybe even your wingman.

4. At the Office – You didn’t think you could wear them to the office, did you? Even if you’re still wearing them from Thursday night, pairing the sneakers with grey slacks and a button up gets them ready for casual Friday. I switched to the white laces that Taft sent in the box to brighten them up. My personal preference is to have slacks that are tailored so that they stop above the sneaker. It cleans up your look and highlights your new Black Ponies.

5. Up the Print – This last one got my creative juices flowing. If the sneaker is already sporting a print, I say add a few more! The key is choosing colors that can be found in the sneakers so all the pieces connect. The pants have the neutral tone and the shirt has the black florals. The result is a cohesive look that was inspired by the sneakers. It’s a way to get out of the box without totally going overboard.

Anytime you’re shopping for that next pair of sneakers, the most important consideration is whether they are going to be able to pull their weight. Are you going to wear them more than once with more than one outfit? I think the Black Ponies can definitely be the next heroes of your heavy rotation.

Try: "jack boot", leather, size 9, suede...